The Inside Ride

The Inside Ride

The Inside Ride
A Journey to Manhood
Dr. Donald Cohen
Dr. Max Cohen

• An exchange of letters between Father and Son, both trained professionals in Psychology, exploring their relationship in intimate detail.
• An extended and fearless meditation on the meaning of manhood in contemporary Western culture.
• From early childhood, through adulthood, to the death of Dr. Max Cohen, this book is introduced by Donald’s son, Jared Cohen, author of the NY Times bestseller
Accidental Presidents.

Herein are presented an exchange of letters between father and son that extended over decades, and explored the often painful and challenging stories of Donald’s childhood, adolescence, and early and later adulthood. We get an inside look at male egos, love, affection, competition, shame, and the need for self-assertion.

The intimacy and honesty father and son bring to analyzing and exploring the often tumultuous events of their lives together is buttressed by the love and friendship the two men established. Trained in two different psychological disciplines, their extensive interaction becomes a modern rite of passage, providing the reader a look at the complexity of growing up in America in a fast-changing culture—at a moment in time in which both Fatherhood and Manhood have become endangered concepts.

Pointing out the need for strong male relationships and guidance, this book a essential prescription for the psychological health of modern American society. Contemporary Western societies worldwide have lost the thread of traditional cultures.


June 2020
Psychology / Healing/ Men’s Movement
Paperback: 6 x 9
Page count: 384
ISBN 13: 978-0-89254-191-1
eISBN: 978-0-89254-682-4
Imprint: Nicolas Hays
Rights/Market: World


The Inside Ride