Stress Elimination Handbook


Stress Elimination Handbook

Stress Elimination Handbook
A holistic Self-Help Program to help restore health, achieve balance and promote wellbeing.
by Grandmaster Adrian Simon Lowe
Includes large full-color wall chart illustrating 38 Lion's Tail Qi Gong positions

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About Stress
The epidemic of our times, stress has its roots in the very essence of life and has caused more suffering and diminishment of human spirit than any other form of affliction. Stress is the root cause of imbalance and dis-ease. Its causes can be identified as Acute and Chronic. Acute stressful factors include: financial problems, fear, family disharmony, noise, sleep disturbances, crowd activity, pedestrian and motorized traffic, isolation, physical hunger and severe temperature changes. Chronic stressful factors include: vibratory, parasitic, prolonged and/or serious illness, political or religious dogma, marriage/divorce, poverty, death, employment issues and/or work environment and media fear mongering.
The text includes detailed text and charts to illustrate the medical and scientific aspects of the effects of stress on our immune system and overall health. The importance of proper breathing and of enhancing Qi with nutrition, water and architectural design are also discussed. LAMAS Qi Gong is an ancient art that can help to conquer and reduce stress on all levels, while preventing damage to mind, body and spirit. Qi Gong techniques will also boost the immune system and help one achieve a more balanced lifestyle, improved health and an increased sense of wellbeing.

A Brief Overview
• A practical guide suitable for ALL to achieve and maintain health in today’s stressful world
• Provides an extensive overview of the causes of stress and documents the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of stress on our lifestyle
• Offers clear, easy to follow comprehensive exercises and instructions to control, manage, reduce and eliminate stress
• Meticulously explains the theory as well as the medical and scientific benefits of the ancient art of LAMAS Qi Gong
• Outlines the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Lion’s Tail Qi Gong exercises
• Discusses Qi flow in buildings, Qi and water, Qi and nutrition and the importance of Qi enhancing and Qi depleting foods

About Grandmaster Lowe
Born in 1942, according to the Lunar calendar, or 1943 according to the Gregorian calendar, Grandmaster Lowe married Diane in 1966 and is the father of three and grandfather of three. He and his family reside in England, though he travels extensively worldwide to teach Qi Gong and heal others.
An Empath, medical intuitive and spiritual Qi healer, Grandmaster Lowe is the lineage holder of LAMAS Qi Gong, earning him the distinction of being the leading authority in this field of Qi Gong. He is a descendant of the Taotang and LoLo tribes of Ancient China and is recognized as “one of the most powerful Qi Gong Masters in the world”. From the age of seven, Grandmaster Lowe practiced LAMAS Qi Gong, a 3,000-year-old previously esoteric ancestral family art.
Grandmaster Lowe was the only non-America invited to be a presenter and panelist to The First White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medical Policy in San Francisco, September 8th, 2000. In 2002, following his record-breaking, standing-room-only lecture at the University of Colorado, the University Director said of Grandmaster Lowe’s presentation, “This was the largest and most popular attended seminar by anyone in the history of the University.” He authored The Art of Daoyin, produced ten instructional Qi Gong DVD’s and has appeared on TV shows and radio programs. Grandmaster Lowe has also published numerous articles in magazines, newspapers, periodicals and journals.

ISBN: 978-0892541621
Sewn Paperback • 176 pp • 7×10
Includes 38 pages of color photos detailing Lion's Tail Qi Gong postures and a large full-color wall chart
CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Red Wheel/Weiser. $22.95

Product Description


Stress Elimination Handbook


  1. :

    I wish to inform people regarding the effectiveness of LAMAS Qi Gong in combating and preventing serious disease and stress.

    I was 19 years of age when I first felt the true benefits of LAMAS Qi Gong. It was not the last time.

    I was already a proficient Martial Artist at the time, but little did I know that a hereditary disease was already waiting to show itself. The arthritis has usually shown itself in the left knee in our family, however I felt it in the right. I was able to walk, but was in considerable pain. After a treatment including a very powerful Chinese herb, and Qi transmission I was both walking and practicing Martial Arts better than ever. This was more than enough to prompt me to practice and teach this art even more.

    Years later I found myself in the situation being happily married, having already established a strong group in the South of England practicing LAMAS Qi Gong and Martial Arts. In addition, I was also working for a very large Building Society. Little did I know that I had overstretched myself quite considerably and I consequently suffered a stroke as a result, losing power in my right hand side and temporarily losing sight in my right eye (which returned within half an hour). Another call to Sikung Lowe (made by my wife from hospital), but this time over a distance of around 250 miles. 20 minutes after my wife made the call I felt my entire right hand side charging up (for want of better way of explaining this) and I started to feel better. The Consultant Doctors’ diagnosis changed overnight from ‘had a stroke’ to ‘it just looked like a stroke’. The Carotid Dopplar and MRI tests confirmed this diagnosis (as Sikung Lowe said they would). There is absolutely no trace of the stroke I had at all. All I received from the hospital was 2 Aspirin tablets, because they didn’t need to do anything else.

    I feel better than ever now, and continue to grow in health.

    Sikung Adrian Lowe is the living lineage holder of the art of LAMAS Qi Gong, and has successfully used his knowledge and abilities to help me with serious health problems more than once in my life. I would not ask anyone to simply believe this just because I say it; rather to actually experience the benefits for themselves. I have had a severe warning, and for one shall practise LAMAS Qi Gong consistently and with conviction for the rest of my life. I strongly urge the reader to do the same.

    —Richard Williams

  2. :

    I, Dr. Effie Chow, hereby make recommendation with regard to Grandmaster Sikung Lowe.
    He was an international member of World Qigong Congress and the World Qigong Federation. Grandmaster Lowe is a professional Qigong practitioner and his work is significant in its traditional application.

    During the period of our acquaintance I have come to know Grandmaster Sikung Lowe, of LAMAS Qi Gong, and have found him to be of good character, excellent repute, and faithful to the art he teaches and practices.

    His record is of an exemplary nature and is of credit to the Chinese art of Qigong and that of Ancient Chinese Medical Practices.

    I am very pleased to recommend him.


    Effie Poy Yew Chow, Ph.D., R.N., LicAc (CA), DiplAc (NCCAOM), Qigong Grandmaster
    Chair of World Congress on Qigong

  3. :

    I am a former patient and student of Grandmaster Lowe and I would like to offer the following opinion of his expertise;

    I had contracted prostate cancer in 2001 and sought conventional treatment. The concensus among the physicians was to resect the prostate as soon as possible. There was no guarantee that the cancerous cells did not perforate the capsule of the prostate.
    Robotic prostatectomy was in its infancy at the time, and was a much more conservative approach than the usual surgical procedures that tended to cause a higher incidence of post surgical impotency and continency. I wanted to wait a few years for the robotic approach to be perfected so I could make the best decision for me and my family. However, the physicians felt it was not the wisest decision to wait.

    That is when I was referred to Grandmaster Lowe. His expertise in applying and teaching me the principles and methods of Qi Gong was astounding. My PSA levels and other markers were reduced by more than 50% within 6 weeks. He assured me that the cancer cells did not and could not perforate the capsule as long as Qi Gong was practiced daily.

    4 ½ years later, Robotic prostatectomy became the surgery of choice. After much pressure from friends and family, I decided to have the procedure. But the main reason was to have the specimen examined at a research center to confirm that the capsule was never perforated. I thus decided to have the robotically assisted surgery at the highly regarded City of Hope Hospital in California. After careful analysis of the specimen, not only was there an absence of any perforations, but the number of cancer cells was signficantly reduced and contained – thus confirming the efficacy of Qi Gong.

    Grandmaster Lowe’s expertise in Qi Gong must be shared through as many channels as possible. Certainly the publication of his valuable manuscripts would be a tremendous benefit to the health and well being of people of all ages. Do not miss out on this opportunity to perpetuate his legacy.

    Grandmaster Lowe did not invent Qi Gong, but he most certainly defines it.

    —Dr. Raphael Greenfield

  4. :

    My wife and I have endured a year of financial challenges, emotional ups and downs and frustrations with our business. But in November 2009, we were fortunate to attend Grandmaster Lowe’s “Stress Elimination Workshop” held in Westport, Connecticut. This timely two hour workshop was informative and offered practical techniques and strategies to increase our sense of well-being. During the workshop, Grandmaster Lowe instructed the attendees on stress prevention and elimination techniques; tangible ways to improve one’s health in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual harmony; microcosmic breathing techniques; and basic information on how LAMAS Qi Gong can help strengthen the immune system. Having practiced LAMAS Qi Gong for 60 years, Grandmaster Lowe demonstrated a wealth of knowledge on how the cultivation of Qi can help eliminate worry and anxiety and reduce fear and depression. We were intrigued by his practical hands-on techniques and look forward eagerly to the publication of the Stress Elimination Handbook to learn much more. Needless to say, it is a timely Handbook, offering invaluable techniques which so many can benefit from.

    —Michael Adler

  5. :

    I had the good fortune of meeting Master Lowe when I brought my sick 4 year old son to him.
    As a physician and a concerned parent, I found myself confronted with a young child who fell somewhere in the spectrum disorder of development delay for which there were no answers and little hope at the time. I had all the resources, and consulted with very smart, educated professionals, but I could not help my son.
    The unique talents and skills of Master Lowe give me an understanding of my son’s problem that have guided my dealings with my child to this day. I still marvel at not only the near immediate impact of Master Lowe’s therapeutic intervention to help my son’s speech and development, but also at the insights he could teach me about my son’s metabolic and psychosocial makeup. Each therapeutic session my child has had with this remarkable man has allowed my son to move forward. Moreover, understanding my son’s special issues helped me develop a diet plan that supported his growth and a sensible approach to being my son’s parent that meets his ongoing needs. I have even found that Master Lowe’s thoughts on my son’s special abilities have been spot on accurate. Now a six year old, my son’s remarkable improvement is a living, breathing testament to Master Lowe’s special skill as a Therapeutic Medical Intuitive.
    It was easy after this experience to open myself to an evaluation with Master Lowe, and in the process, gain new knowledge. I learned valuable insights during this time, and I continue to visit with him and value his thoughts regarding all aspects of my personal health. Mater Lowe commands knowledge of Eastern Medicine that has added to my Western Medical knowledge enriching my understanding of health and disease. It has also spawned my interest in learning the Master’s unique form of Qi Gong that I continue to practice. I have found Qi Gong to be a practice that adds to my energy and sense of well-being.
    As a Medical Doctor, I continue to look for insights into health and disease that will help my patients and my family. Master Lowe has opened m y eyes to a knowledge base that enhances my understanding of the Body in sickness and in health. I am pleased to see that he has put together his insights and his knowledge in book form for the well-being of others.
    Daniel E. McGuire MD,
    Board Certified Gastroenterologist.

  6. :

    I found Master Lowe amazingly articulate and practical in his discussion of his knowledge of Qi Gong. It was the first time I felt I could listen to a very different way of understanding medicine, without being overwhelmed by cultural differences in language and ways of perceiving.

    I felt a surge of hope that people could receive this information and find it easy and accessible to understand. I found myself appreciating a sense of history and lineage that is not common in our youthful American culture.

    Before, I have only previously witnessed presentations by a Dr. Yuen, however I felt Grandmaster Lowe was more genuine–and a wonderful presenter.

    I was amazed to find the amount of physiological experience specifically. I have done many mind body exercises of different sorts over the years, but I can honestly say that I felt Master Lowe’s presentation and expertise particularly powerful and genuinely helpful

    I was also lucky enough to experience Master Lowe’s healing abilities in two sessions, and as an alternative health practitioner myself who is currently experiencing a life threatening illness, having worked with various energy healers, some intensively over the past ten years, I have never felt such energy work that was so specific to my problem.

    He also predicted clear CAT scans, which turned out to be correct.

    During my second experience with Master Lowe’s healing, I literally felt as though my blood was being charged up, as if I could imagine the protons and electrons getting energized.

    Master Lowe seems to have an interesting blend of compassion, wisdom, talent, sense of divinity and respect for the individual process. If I never meet Master Lowe again, his teachings and healings will leave a lasting impression on me for years to come.

    —Stephanie Muir

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