Stress Elimination Handbook

Stress Elimination Handbook

Stress Elimination Handbook
A holistic Self-Help Program to help restore health, achieve balance and promote wellbeing.
by Grandmaster Adrian Simon Lowe
Includes large full-color wall chart illustrating 38 Lion's Tail Qi Gong positions

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About Stress
The epidemic of our times, stress has its roots in the very essence of life and has caused more suffering and diminishment of human spirit than any other form of affliction. Stress is the root cause of imbalance and dis-ease. Its causes can be identified as Acute and Chronic. Acute stressful factors include: financial problems, fear, family disharmony, noise, sleep disturbances, crowd activity, pedestrian and motorized traffic, isolation, physical hunger and severe temperature changes. Chronic stressful factors include: vibratory, parasitic, prolonged and/or serious illness, political or religious dogma, marriage/divorce, poverty, death, employment issues and/or work environment and media fear mongering.
The text includes detailed text and charts to illustrate the medical and scientific aspects of the effects of stress on our immune system and overall health. The importance of proper breathing and of enhancing Qi with nutrition, water and architectural design are also discussed. LAMAS Qi Gong is an ancient art that can help to conquer and reduce stress on all levels, while preventing damage to mind, body and spirit. Qi Gong techniques will also boost the immune system and help one achieve a more balanced lifestyle, improved health and an increased sense of wellbeing.

A Brief Overview
• A practical guide suitable for ALL to achieve and maintain health in today’s stressful world
• Provides an extensive overview of the causes of stress and documents the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of stress on our lifestyle
• Offers clear, easy to follow comprehensive exercises and instructions to control, manage, reduce and eliminate stress
• Meticulously explains the theory as well as the medical and scientific benefits of the ancient art of LAMAS Qi Gong
• Outlines the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of Lion’s Tail Qi Gong exercises
• Discusses Qi flow in buildings, Qi and water, Qi and nutrition and the importance of Qi enhancing and Qi depleting foods

About Grandmaster Lowe
Born in 1942, according to the Lunar calendar, or 1943 according to the Gregorian calendar, Grandmaster Lowe married Diane in 1966 and is the father of three and grandfather of three. He and his family reside in England, though he travels extensively worldwide to teach Qi Gong and heal others.
An Empath, medical intuitive and spiritual Qi healer, Grandmaster Lowe is the lineage holder of LAMAS Qi Gong, earning him the distinction of being the leading authority in this field of Qi Gong. He is a descendant of the Taotang and LoLo tribes of Ancient China and is recognized as “one of the most powerful Qi Gong Masters in the world”. From the age of seven, Grandmaster Lowe practiced LAMAS Qi Gong, a 3,000-year-old previously esoteric ancestral family art.
Grandmaster Lowe was the only non-America invited to be a presenter and panelist to The First White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medical Policy in San Francisco, September 8th, 2000. In 2002, following his record-breaking, standing-room-only lecture at the University of Colorado, the University Director said of Grandmaster Lowe’s presentation, “This was the largest and most popular attended seminar by anyone in the history of the University.” He authored The Art of Daoyin, produced ten instructional Qi Gong DVD’s and has appeared on TV shows and radio programs. Grandmaster Lowe has also published numerous articles in magazines, newspapers, periodicals and journals.

ISBN: 978-0892541621
Sewn Paperback • 176 pp • 7×10
Includes 38 pages of color photos detailing Lion's Tail Qi Gong postures and a large full-color wall chart
CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Red Wheel/Weiser. $22.95



Stress Elimination Handbook