Real Alchemy: A Primer for Real Alchemists


Real Alchemy: A Primer for Real Alchemists

Real Alchemy: A Primer for Real Alchemists
by Robert Allen Bartlett. With a new introduction by Brian Cotnoir.

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A ground-breaking modern manual on an ancient art, Real Alchemy draws on both modern scientific technology and ancient methods. A laboratory scientist and chemist, Bartlett provides an overview of the history of alchemy, as well as an exploration of the theories behind the practice. Clean, clear, simple, and easy to read, Real Alchemy provides excellent directions regarding producing plant products, and transitions the reader-student into the basics of mineral work—what some consider the true domain of Alchemy. Bartlett also explains what the ancients really meant when they used the term “Philosopher's Stone” and describes several very real and practical methods for its achievement. Is the fabled Philosopher's Stone an elixir of long life or is it a method of transforming lead into gold? You can be the judge of that for yourself after reading “Real Alchemy.” New students to practical laboratory alchemy will enjoy reading Real Alchemy, and hopefully will find the encouragement needed to undertake their own alchemical journey.

ISBN: 978-0-89254-150-8
192 Pages, 6″ x 9″. Paperback.
CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Red Wheel/Weiser. $18.95

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Real Alchemy: A Primer for Real Alchemists


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    The book before you is an amazing accomplishment. My friend and fellow alchemist Robert Bartlett has laid bare the secret processes and experiments of our discipline with exceptional clarity and openness. He has exposed the Hermetic origins of alchemy and shown how modern alchemists approach the ancient art. But first and foremost, his book is a revelation of the genuine craft of alchemy as it was meant to be practiced.

    —Dennis William Hauck, author of The Sorcerer’s Stone

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    Real Alchemy by Robert Allen Bartlett is a book for which many have waited a long time. Clean, clear, simple, and easy to read, it provides a foundation in the theory and method of producing plant products …

    —Mark Stavish, The Institute for Hermetic Studies, author of The Path of Alchemy

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    The three traditional pillars of the Hermetic Arts are Alchemy, Astrology, and Qabalah … This amazing tome, written by one of the foremost living authorities on Alchemy, combines practical modern science with the ancient Alchemical sciences and gives working students a firm

    —Errin Davenport, “Ronin Dervish”

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    An unpretentious masterpiece of anti-obfuscation. Real Alchemy is just what the title promises. It is the only book I have ever read on the subject that translates this sacred art and science from metaphor to in-your-face, hands-on objective reality. If I would have read this 35 years ago I would have taken up the alchemist’s work in a heartbeat.

    —Lon Milo DuQuette, author of The Magick of Aleister Crowley

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