Iona Dreaming

Iona Dreaming

The Healing Power of Place
A Memoir by Clare Cooper Marcus

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A journey of healing takes Clare Cooper Marcus on a 6-month long solitary retreat to the remote Scottish Island of Iona. Here she experiences a mirroring of her soul and reflects and reviews the life that brought her here to this magical place. Her compelling memoir Iona Dreaming is an inspirational account of personal survival and hope in which Clare shares her recovery from a life-threatening illness, which deepens into a contemplation of the events in her life and her physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
Clare Cooper Marcus brings both a personal and academic life-long interface with place, environment, and people. Her five previous books about human response to architecture and environment were popular with the public and well-received by the press. Iona Dreaming will reach out to a broad audience: people entering retirement, dealing with serious illnesses, gardeners, lovers of nature, architects and landscape architects, people who are becoming more heath conscious, women who have shared the social and cultural shifts she lived through—especially those coming of age in the 60’s—and all those who seek a more authentic life
A consultant and freelance writer in the field of people-environment relations and environmental psychology, retired UC at Berkeley Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Clare Cooper Marcus has written several books on architecture and community. Professor Marcus has consulted for the Department of Housing and Urban Development in Washington DC, San Francisco City Planning Deptartment, New Zealand Department of Public Works, the Canadian Housing Design Council, as well as private architecture and engineering firms.

April 1, 2010
ISBN: 9780892541577
Paperback • Nicolas-Hays
6 x 9 • 352 pages • Pictures and illustrations.
CLICK HERE TO ORDER from Red Wheel/Weiser. $21.95

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Iona Dreaming