In the Cards

In the Cards

In the Cards: Murder and Magic in the Library.
by Marjorie G. Jones

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Marjorie Jones has produced a tour de force. In the Cards combines a cleverly-plotted murder mystery with an encyclopedic and engaging history of Tarot.

—Peter Conn, Executive Director of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia

The theft of a rare volume in the renowned library of ancient philosophical traditions at the Warburg Institute, and the brutal slaying of its chief Librarian, pits Dame Frances Yates against a killer. The eminent historian of Renaissance spirituality battles a sociopath whose hostility, greed, and violence upset the idyllic atmosphere of this quiet scholarly community. Following her intuition and insights through the mysterious Tarot cards, Dame Frances uncovers clues to the identity of the perpetrator. With the assistance of a Scotland Yard detective—an enthusiastic Freemason—and an attractive American lawyer-turned-scholar, Yates zeroes in on the murderer.

This fast-paced novel combines murder, larceny, and Tarot. Lively characters, romance, humor, and scenes from the pastoral English countryside contrast with the dark underbelly of the twisted landscape of a self-absorbed assassin, and his unscrupulous and manipulative business partner. Sure to grab the attention of anyone who appreciates great detective fiction and the symbolic world of the Mysteries.

Move over, Miss Marple! Here comes the complicated and original scholar Frances Yates, with hairpins flying and ashes dropping from her Woodbine cigarettes.

—Kathy Chamberlain, author of Jane Welsh Carlyle and Her Victorian World

Masterfully written, intelligent in design, and fun to read. After reading In the Cards, I am convinced that Dame Frances Yates would have given Sherlock Holmes a run for his money!

—Michael Castrilli, author of Parish Finance

Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey has found his match. In what one hopes is the first in a series, Marjorie Jones gives us an equally erudite and witty scholar turned detective in the semi-fictionalized person of historian Dame Frances Yates.

—Maria Enrico, City University of New York


In the Cards