Hermetic Link: From Secret Tradition to Modern Thought

Hermetic Link: From Secret Tradition to Modern Thought

The Hermetic Link
From Secret Tradition to Modern Thought
Jacob Slavenburg

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• An extensive examination of the Hermetic Tradition
• Focuses on both the myth of Hermes and the broad field of Hermeticism of which he is the embodiment
• Traces the history of Hermes from Ancient Egypt and provides an extensive analysis of the Hermetic archetype
• Offers an in-depth survey of esoteric beliefs and practices from earliest times to the present including alchemy, magic, and the tarot
• Explores Hermes in Jungian psychology, Rosicrucianism, and Freemasonry

Hermes is the Greek god of the Word, of thought and magic, the swift-moving messenger of the Divine and guardian of souls in the Afterlife. In Ancient Egypt he was the majestic god Thoth, the Recorder, the lord of measurement and science, the brother/husband of Isis. In Rome, he was of course Mercury, flying through the Empyrean at the speed of idea by the aid of his winged helmet and boots.

In this broad survey of the Hermetic arts, author Jacob Slavenburg brings an unparalleled depth of insight to the subject. He examines the historical Hermetic literature and details its relevance to modern occultism, from the symbolism of architecture and art to the mysteries of Freemasonry. The heavenly mysteries of astrology are explored as are the healing arts which derive from the spirit of scientific inquiry embodied by Thoth/Hermes. Slavenburg examines the magical writings of the Greek papyri and their development into the contemporary magical practices of modern adepts.

He sheds light on the workings of alchemy and the esoteric philosophy to the world of modern chemistry and physics. He explores the origin of evil and the realm of the afterlife, and the Hermetic doctrines of reincarnation and karma. In addition, the author provides a wealth of biographical data on the magi of Hermeticsm, from Ficino to Agrippa, John Dee to Giordano Bruno.

ISBN: 978-0-89254-167-6
432 Pages, 6″ x 9″. Paperback.
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Hermetic Link: From Secret Tradition to Modern Thought