Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe

Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe

The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe
An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets

Christeen H. Skinner

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• An absolutely necessary guide to succeeding in this turbulent investment climate.

• For market traders curious to know if there is indeed a correlation between happenings in the solar system and market moves.

• For astrologers, a glimpse into the interaction between the planets and commodities and index trading.

• Author is well respected and active in the field of Financial Astrology

Written in response to demand from clients and astrology students, this book provides an introduction to the financial universe: illustrating the role of the Sun, Moon, planets and major planet cycles in market movements.

In The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe, financial astrologer Christeen Skinner takes a step by step approach to understanding the effect of events in the solar system and market movements. Starting with the sunspot cycle, moving on to seasonality charts and lunar trading, she presents information in an easy to read style. As viewed from Earth, the planets each have periods when they appear retrograde i.e. moving backward relative to Earth. These periods and their correlation with market activity is considered as is the role of Mars as it moves through each sign of the zodiac. There is a recognized twenty year business cycle: the exact period between one conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and the next. The phases of this cycle are explored. The concluding chapter offers date, time and place data that can be used for further investigation.

Illustrated with financial charts taken from the Optuma software program for astro-traders.

Forthcoming, Spring 2017.



Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe