Angel and the Abyss

Book II

Angel and the Abyss

The Angel & The Abyss
The Inward Journey, Books II & III
J. Daniel Gunther

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• A guide to the Great Work, Initiation, and Spiritual Evolution as taught by Aleister Crowley
• Offers insights into the oral instructions of the modern A.’.A.’.
• An examination of the more advanced Mysteries of Initiation.
• The long awaited follow-up to the author’s ground breaking first book, Initiation in the Aeon of the Child.

In this companion to Initiation in the Aeon of the Child, author J. Daniel Gunther provides detailed and cohesive analysis of the two major spiritual crises in the career of the aspirant in the Aeon of the Child—the Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Crossing the Abyss between the divine realms and the human. Expounding on the sublime Formulas of Initiation confronting those who would aspire to these Mysteries, the author draws deeply from Jungian psychology, world mythology and religion, and the doctrines of the classic Mystery traditions, explaining how the revelations of Thelema apply to the individual.

In 1904, The Book of the Law declared the advent of a new period in the course of human history—the Aeon of Horus or Aeon of the Child. The doctrine codified in the Book of the Law, and numerous other Holy Books, is known as Thelema (a Greek word meaning “Will”). Aleister Crowley was revealed as the Prophet of the New Aeon.

The Angel & The Abyss is written in clear, precise language that will aid those students who seek to navigate the difficult terrain of this advanced stage of the Spiritual quest. More knowledgable students will find tantalizing clues to serve as guideposts and eventual confirmations of their direct experience.

The book offers copious illustrations (some in full color) and numerous diagrams. It features detailed references that encompass ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha, Greek Philosophy, Alchemy, Hermetic Qabalah, and Tarot, as well as the writings of Carl Jung, Eric Neumann. and Aleister Crowley.

About the Author

J. Daniel Gunther is a life-long student of esotericism, mythology, and religion. For over thirty years a member of A∴A∴, the teaching Order established by Aleister Crowley, he is considered one of the foremost authorities in the field, and serves on the editorial board of The Equinox, and as a consultant and advisor for numerous occult publications. He is the author of the Ibis Press title, Initiation in the Aeon of the Child, now available in paperback, and has lectured worldwide on the doctrines of Thelema.

2014 Ibis Press
Magick, Spirituality, Psychology
Jacket Hardcover, with color and numerous black & white illustrations
ISBN: 978-0-89254-211-6
Ebook: 978-0-89254-625-1
400 pp. • 6 x 9
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Product Description

Book II

Angel and the Abyss


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    The Angel and the Abyss can be viewed as a book about the transmitted Knowledge or gnosis of Life and Death in the Aeon of the Child. The reception of this gnosis equilibrates the doctrinal imagery and message of the Holy Books of Thelema, the spiritual evolution of the individual, and the corporeal formulae of the Rose Cross, as One in the psyche of the Initiate. It is from this perspective that Gunther writes.
    As its title suggests, The Angel and the Abyss addresses the preparation, passage, formulae, ordeals and tasks surrounding the two critical attainments in the system of the A\A\—the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel and the Crossing of the Abyss.
    The Master Therion considered the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel the Next Step in humanity’s journey. It was consequently the focus of his spiritual and literary legacy, a point that needs to be appreciated in the context of his life and times. I am convinced he knew others would follow in service to the Great Order and pick up the work where he left off. This study is an example.

    —Shiva X°, National Grand Master General, Ordo Templi Orientis, Grand Lodge of Australia

  2. :

    The task of synthesis is partially the goal of the author to explicate, but the true synthesis occurs in the reader after deep contemplation of the ideas presented. This is the power of the Transcendent Function in book form: the transformation of the reader who exerts the time and effort to experience the material within. This heartfelt explication of Crowley’s work is enlivened by the core of Jungian thought used throughout the exploration.

    —Dr. Gregory Brown, Associate Professor, University of Nevada School of Medicine, Psychiatry Department

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