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IBIS PRESS / NICOLAS HAYS is dedicated to to providing the finest spiritual literature available today. We specialize in publishing books from both classic and modern sources that outline the basis and development of the world's Mystery Traditions. Our subjects include Alchemy, Astrology, Depth Psychology, Magick, Spirituality, Women's Mysteries, and the many other paths of human striving for union with the Infinite. We welcome your interest and look forward to earning your trust and loyalty.

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Some of our recently-released titles:​

The Eighth Seal (Its Time Is Now!)
Cracking the Code that Solves the Mystery of the Book of Revelation
Don Cerow

• Pinpoints the precise astronomical opening of the Age of Aquarius and its effects on contemporary culture.
• Examines the science of astronomy and the mysteries of religion.
• Decodes the most complex and misunderstood book of the Bible, and demonstrates its relevance for our time.
• Explains the doctrine of the Precession of the Equinox
• Provides an analysis of biblical symbolism and history to our own time.

This groundbreaking study demonstrates that the ancient author(s) of the Book of Revelation possessed extensive and sophisticated knowledge of the sky and the patterns therein.

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The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe
An Introduction to the Role of the Sun, Moon, and Planets in Financial Markets
Christeen H. Skinner

• An absolutely necessary guide to succeeding in this turbulent investment climate.

• For market traders curious to know if there is indeed a correlation between happenings in the solar system and market moves.

• For astrologers, a glimpse into the interaction between the planets and commodities and index trading.

• Author is well respected and active in the field of Financial Astrology

Written in response to demand from clients and astrology students, this book provides an introduction to the financial universe

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The Lovecraft Code
Peter Levenda

• A professor of religion turns atheist after witnessing a massacre in Iraq, only to confront a darker possibility

• A high-ranking American intelligence officer authorizes a black op that no one understands, but on which the fate of nations depends

• An explosion of violence in the Middle East as warring sects seek the ultimate weapon of mass destruction

• And, at the center of the conflagration, a book that reveals the existence of an ancient cult bent on global extermination …

• … a book introduced to the world by a famous author of gothic horror. A book that is not supposed to exist.

Drawing on decades of experience, non-fiction author and historian Peter Levenda turns to the novel as the best and perhaps only way to tell a story that must be told.

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Searching for Shangri-La (Book 1)
Off the Beaten Track in Western China
Laurence Brahm

The Himalayan Trilogy Series:

A record of three journey undertaken by filmmaker, writer, and economist Laurence J. Brahm between 2002 and 2004.

• An alternative philosophy travelogue and an eloquent call for compassion

• Chronicles a spiritual pilgrimage to oneness

• Presents a look at the ethnic and planetary diversity that it is our modern task to preserve with love and diligence.

In 2002, Laurence J. Brahm, inspired by James Hilton’s novel Lost Horizon and his own quest for meaning, began his search for Shangri-la.

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Conversations with Sacred Mountains (Book 2)
A Journey Along Yunan's Tea Caravan
Laurence Brahm

• Discover the ancient mythic archetype of the sacred mountain and its meaning for the modern world.

• Chronicles a physical pilgrimage that transforms into a spiritual journey.

• Offers a first hand look at unknown regions and indigenous exotic and unique cultures and ethnic groups.

Laurence Brahm made his second journey in 2003. He followed the actual route of Lost Horizon along the ancient Tea Caravan Trail in Yunnan Province of southwest China.

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Shambhala Sutra
The Road Less Traveled in Western Tibet
Laurence Brahm

• A search for the mythical kingdom of Shambhala

• Brahm tells the story of his expedition into Tibet’s furthest region, following an ancient sutra as his guidebook

• A grant from National Geographic Expedition will bring an interactive media exhibition from China to the USA bringing this magical journey to life.

Following the Shambhala Sutra—an ancient manuscript written by Penchen Lama over two hundred ago—the author started his journey to Shambhala, traveling through the deserts and mountains in Tibet.

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